A purpose to every step

“Summer 2019 was the worst year of my life, with a mini breakdown in May and deep suicidal thoughts day in, day out. I felt lonely as fuck and cut off from the world, leaving me in a situation where I thought the only option was ending my life” - Kai (Walk on the Wild Side)

We are donating £100 from every trip sold during our first Walk on the Wild Side event to We Are Hummingbird who run mental health first aid and suicide prevention workshops in the UK and support DJ retreats in Ibiza. 

We will work closely with the team at We Are Hummingbird to fund places on these courses so people can better understand how to support their friends when they show signs of poor mental health and potential suicidal intentions. 

Full details of the number of course places Walk on the Wild Side's Legend's of Ibiza retreat has funded will be available by 30th April 2020. Shortly after the retreat has finished.